Simple Scan Release Notes

Easy, hassle-free document scanning for iPhone.

Simple Scan Release Notes


  • “Text” format option shares on the text recognized by optical character recognition as plain text. This can be output to a text file, or shared to other applications as text.
  • Global accent color options available settings, in case you are not a fan of the default teal.
  • Misc. minor improvements.


  • New “Photos” destination to save scan as images in the photo library without additional interaction.
  • Custom destinations now can be enabled/disabled to allow hiding of destinations without completely deleting them.
  • Tighten up quality options to provide smaller file sizes for lower quality options.
  • “From” address wasn’t getting passed to email destinations properly.
  • Custom file destinations could fail if any changes to the target folder were made that effected permissions. If you had failures on a custom file destination periodically, these should be resolved.
  • If you cancel and email or messages destination, the completion banner should not show.
  • Mail being disabled also disabled Messages erroneously.


  • Configurable widgets: Edit Home and Lock Screen widget options to pre-select a destination and format associated with the widget.
  • Shortcuts Improvements: The “Scan Document” shortcuts action can now specify destination, format, and quality.
  • Long-Press Menu: Long-press the app icon on the Home Screen to quickly scan to a recently used destination.
  • URL Scheme Parameters: The /scan URL action can now take parameter to specify destination, format, and quality. See automation docs for more information.
  • Option to configure “from” address for email destinations. Must match an email address configured for use with Mail.
  • Tweaks to prevent OCR text clipping in some extreme cases.
  • More sensible page sizing for PDFs
  • Require iOS 17.4.


  • Set default name for custom destinations
  • Tightened up sizing of OCR text to prevent some cases where it could get clipped when drawing.
  • Better cleanup of temp files.
  • Prevent extra appearances of release notes.


  • Custom file destinations allow you to configure destinations with custom file naming, and saved folder destinations to auto-save your scans without further interaction.
  • Improvements to other custom destinations, including options for controlling file names.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.


  • Initial Release