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Shortcuts and URL scheme automation

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Simple Scan has several automation integrations to make it easier to include the app in workflows with a minimal about fuss.


Simple Scan provides a “Scan Document” shortcuts action which allows you to launch Simple Scan directly to scanning. The shortcut action allows specification of a configured destination for the scan, the format, and quality options.

URL Schemes

Simple Scan registers the URL scheme simple-scan, and supports the actions described below.

  • /scan
    • Opens directly to scanning. Specify options with parameters, or the app will default to the last used options.
    • Parameters
      • destination [optional]: Name of a scan destination defined in the app, or one of the default options email | messages | file | share
      • format [optional]: pdf | images
      • quality [optional]: original | large | medium | small
    • Example
      • simple-scan://scan?destination=email&format=pdf