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Terminology is a browser for the English language – part dictionary/thesaurus and part research tool. Terminology is designed to make it easy to explore words and phrases, diving down to more and less specific terms - accessing the web and other apps for more detail and sharing.

Terminology is the perfect tool for anyone interested in honing their language. From writers working on the next great novel, to marketers crafting the perfect tagline.

“9/10…a Must-have Dictionary and Thesaurus App”AppStorm

“Terminology 3 is my go-to dictionary app”Macstories

“If you’re looking for the best dictionary app…then look
no further than Terminology 3.”
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More than a dictionary, Terminology can be extended with custom actions to search the Internet as well as other reference apps which support integration – making it a great place to start all your searches.

One of the most popular reference apps on the App Store, Terminology has been rebuilt from the ground up for iOS 7 as a Universal (iPhone & iPad) app with iCloud sync of favorites terms, lookup history and custom actions.


  • Full offline U.S. English dictionary and word reference with simple clear definitions.
  • Definitions, synonyms, antonyms and deeper word relations such as: more and less specific words, part, part of, members, member of, pertains to and more. Learn more about the dictionary.
  • Launches directly to search.
  • Star favorite terms for quick access.
  • Term browsing history.
  • iCloud sync. Keep favorites, history and actions in sync between multiple devices.
  • Custom “Actions” to browse your current term on websites and/or lookup terms in other apps which support integration via URL schemes. Create your own or visit our Action Directory for single tap installable actions for many sites ( Advanced actions can export terms, links, definitions to other apps and more. Learn more about actions.
  • Wildcard (?,*) searching
  • Spelling suggestions.
  • Export/Share definitions, favorites and history lists.
  • Dropbox integration to keep favorites and word histories backed up.
  • Lookup and select replacement words from Drafts, Phraseology, Instapaper, Mr. Reader, Writeup, Writing Kit and a growing list of other apps.
  • Customizable fonts and font size.
  • Extensive support for URL scheme integration via x-callback-url. Details on the developer page.


Lookup (and in some cases select replacement) words with Terminology integration in these great apps:
  • Instapaper
  • Drafts
  • Phraseology
  • Writing Kit
  • WriteUp
  • Mr. Reader