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Tally for Apple Watch
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Tally is a quick counter app.

Tally’s gesture based user interface is designed around making it simple to do tally counts on the iPhone without the need to look back at the device to locate the right button. Launch the app, and tap anywhere to increment the active counter. Make a mistake, swipe down to count in reverse.

Whether counting attendance, laps or just something around the house, Tally is there to help.

Tally features include:

  • Easy eyes-free gesture-based interface. Tap to count, swipe down to count in reverse.
  • Multiple tallies. Swipe to the right to display a list of tallies and create new ones.
  • Configurable tallies count up or down, or by step intervals (i.e. counting by twos, fives, tens, etc.). Swipe to the left to display options for the current tally.
  • Today widget to quickly increment tallies from anywhere.
  • Quick reset of tallies. Swipe up to display reset option. Default to “Reset to 0”, but “Reset to” value can be configured per tally.
  • Visual and audio confirmation of counts.
  • URL schemes with callback support to increment and decrement tallies, great for integrating into automated workflows. Read the developer page for more information.
  • Dark theme for counting at night
  • Watch support planned for April, 2015!

What People are Saying…

I don’t have to count things manually very often, but when I do an app like this is a lifesaver. Tally is the most elegant counter I’ve seen, and it’s earned a permanent spot in the Tools folder on my iPhone.
Sure, it’s a simple app. But counting should be simple. Agile Tortoise did a good job making something that worked perfectly for its intended use. The gestures and controls work well. By forgoing a “button” for counting, Tally can be used without looking. That’s a feature.

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