Agile Tortoise

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Letterboxing for the iPhone

Letterboxing is a great outdoor treasure hunting hobby. Boxfinder is a simple app that lets you search for letterboxes and store clues on your iPhone or iPod Touch to save paper. You can find out all the details about Letterboxing at Atlas Quest.


  • Search for Letterboxes Near Me: Use your iPhone/iPod’s GPS or location lookup services to find letterboxes near your current location.
  • Search by Address: Enter partial or complete addresses and search for letterboxes in that area.
  • Search by Name: Find specific letterboxes by name.
  • Login to Atlas Quest: and see your finds and attempts as well as restricted letterboxes.
  • Maps!: Integrated maps to letterbox locations, with quick links to open in the Maps application.
  • Easy to read presentation of letterbox status, details and clues.
  • Offline searches: Save sets of search results or individual letterboxes with full clues for use later when a network is not available. Especially useful for iPod Touch owners.
  • In-App Web Browser: The in-app web browser lets you go directly to letterbox pages at Atlas Quest to see further details, open maps, record finds without leaving BoxFinder.
  • Email clues