Agile Tortoise

Drafts and Drafts for iPad 3.0.4

Mostly a bug fix release, with a couple of quick additions.

  • Fix: Email Actions configured to send in background will no longer error if the template generates a blank body.
  • Fix: Improvements to sync handling, especially when moving the app to the background – seems to resolve a number of edge cases with Simperium.
  • Fix: Evernote append/prepend actions now update timestamp on note.
  • Fix: Evernote login issue with iOS Region set to certain Asian regions when the Evernote app was logged into Evernote International.
  • Fix: Fix for cases where Evernote Actions set to append/prepend would create new notes when specific words appeared in the note title.
  • Fix: Fixed Dropbox text typo.
  • New: Updated TextExpander Touch SDK to support new features – details coming soon.

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