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Tally 2

Tally 2 is now available on the App Store. Tally 2 is free to use with up to two simultaneous tallies. One-time $1.99 (USD) unlock is available to enabled unlimited tallies and dark theme.


What is Tally?

Tally is a quick, eyes-free counting app for iPhone and iPad. It is a handy utility to keep up with simple counts – attendance, game scoring, dietary needs, etc. Tally has been around a while, but we have launched an all-new version which has some great new features, particularly for keeping up with multiple counters. Tally features include:

  • Easy, eyes-free gesture-based counting. With an active Tally, tap to count up, swipe down to count down.
  • Multiple tallies. Swipe right to manage list and create new tallies. The free version support two tallies, unlocked version unlimited.
  • Today widget to increment tallies from anywhere, without even unlocking your phone.
  • Configure tallies to count up or down.
  • Set step and initial values to reset to a starting point, and count by 2s, 5s, or any arbitrary increment.
  • Visual and audio confirmation of counts.
  • Great URL scheme support for integration into iOS automation workflows.
  • Dark Theme (requires IAP unlock)
  • Universal for iPhone and iPad.
  • Watch support planned for April, 2015!

The rest…

Review and ratings are always appreciated! Feedback and issues to To keep up with tips and news, follow @tallyapp on Twitter and Facebook. We always appreciate you taking the time to review or rate Tally on the App Store!

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Drafts T-Shirts

Share your love of Drafts and support development by picking up one of our limited time offer T-Shirts! This is a Teespring campaign, so it’ll only print if enough of you are interested. Available in Men’s and Women’s fit shirts. Shirts will be available for order through February 16, 2015.

If you get one, be sure to share a picture of your good looking self sporting it!

Drafts 4.1

Drafts 4.1 is now available on the App Store.


Finding your way around Drafts? Visit the Help Center for screencasts and lots of documentation to get you going! Want to get more out of Drafts with Evernote, Twitter, OmniFocus or more? Check out our growing list of integration guides.


Like Drafts? Like T-Shirts? Support development and show your love with one of these great Drafts T-Shirts…our Teespring campaign will be up through February 16, 2015 – so don’t miss out!

The New Stuff

select and operations
  • New: “Select” mode in draft list. Enable using “Select” button at bottom left of draft list. Once enabled, tap on drafts in list to select multiple drafts and tap “Operations” button to select bulk operation, including:
    • Archive/Restore to move selected drafts.
    • Flag/Unflag to change flag status.
    • Delete to permanently delete selected drafts.
    • Merge to merge the selected drafts into one draft, in the order they were selected. Additional drafts will be archived if not already in the archive.
  • New: “Edit” mode in action list. Enables use of standard table controls to re-order and delete actions in the list.
  • New: “inbox” button in Today widget, opens Drafts directly to the inbox.
  • New: /inbox, /archive and /flagged x-callback-url methods, which can be used to open Drafts from Launch Center Pro or other bookmark directly to one of these locations. Each can also take an optional “query=” parameter to specify a text search to allow bookmarking of specific searches within your drafts list. These are handy to create shortcuts to tag searches. Here are example actions for Drafts that will use Drafts’ own URL schemes to seach the inbox or archive:
  • New: “Force Update of Drafts” function in Settings > iCloud. This marks all drafts as modified for sync and forces them to be uploaded to iCloud. This can be helpful if a past sync problem caused discrepancies which need to be reconciled.


  • Change: Built-in Markdown CSS improvements – mainly table styles.
  • Change: Switch to Mailgun for background email sending. The previous provider (SendGrid) has some issues with modifying the HTML output. If you use background email to integrate with some services, note the “from” address will now be “”. This only effects Email action steps set to “Send in Background”.
  • Change: Startup performance improvements.
  • Change: Don’t hide keyboard on “scroll to top” tap on status bar.
  • Change: Draft list operations should exit select mode on completion.
  • Change: Allow intra-emphasis in Markdown processor.
  • Change: Don’t hide keyboard on “scroll to top” tap on status bar.


  • Fix: Lots of Sync improvements across the board. Thanks for being patient while we hammer out remaining issues with iCloud sync. Most known issues have been addressed in this update.
  • Fix: iPhone version would not always scroll text behind keyboard when 3rd party keyboard (Swype, in particular) was being used.
  • Fix: “New from clipboard” and “New from selection” options when creating drafts did not enable the Arrange mode button until the text was edited.
  • Fix: Do a better job updating the badge inbox count when sync is updated on a background refresh.
  • Fix: Don’t request basic Facebook permissions if running the background.
  • Fix: Export Drafts and Actions options in settings would not allow “Open in” export to run if no email accounts are configured on the device.
  • Fix: CSV draft export could cause crash with certain data sets.
  • Fix: Onetime crash using toggle dark theme key if user was already using dark theme.
  • Fix: Don’t request basic Facebook permissions if running the background.
  • Fix: Export Drafts and Actions options in settings would not allow “Open in” export to run if no email accounts are configured on the device.
  • Fix: CSV draft export could cause crash with certain data sets.
  • Fix: Modified location of drafts captured in the share extension did not get initialized properly.

Sync notes

There are a lot of improvement to sync in this update. There remain two known issues with sync that I am continuing to try to resolve. If you are seeing these issues, please review the troubleshooting steps on the help center and begin capturing logs per those instructions. The two known issues are as follows:

  • iCloud Connectivity issues. iOS 8.1.3 has dramatically improved over the iOS 8.1 release, but there are still some people having problems with iCloud connectivity in general. There are cases where iOS tells Drafts iCloud is not available, when it really should be. This release tries a lot harder to get the right answer, because often the iOS level problem will resolve itself…but not always.
  • Inconsistencies synching archive and flag statuses. I do not believe this is and iCloud issue, but I haven’t been able to pin down any reproducible cases to nail down this issue. If you are seeing drafts that should be archived not have that sync to other devices – please look for a pattern to when it happens and get in touch.

The rest…

Review and ratings are always appreciated! Feedback and issues to To keep up with tips and news, follow @draftsapp on Twitter and Facebook. We always appreciate you taking the time to review or rate Drafts on the App Store!

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Using Drafts With Evernote Guides

Drafts and Evernote make a great combination. Evernote is a powerful tool to organize and store notes. Drafts is a great low-friction way to capture notes.

Drafts - Evernote

I’m excited to announce two new guides to using Drafts with Evernote, written by Brett Kelly. Brett is the author of Evernote Essentials, and one of the top experts on getting the most out of Evernote. He is also an avid Drafts user and he has done a great job putting together a primer for how to configure and use Draft’s Evernote features – from basic setup to advanced dynamic custom actions.

Even if you are not an Evernote user, there’s a lot of value in these guides to help get you starting using Drafts tags and custom actions with other services as well.

  • Using Evernote with Drafts: Introduction: Learn how to connect Drafts to Evernote, use built-in Evernote actions, install actions from the Action Directory and send text directly to the Evernote iOS app.
  • Using Evernote with Drafts: Advanced: Learn to create custom Evernote actions to save notes to notebooks, assign tags, append/prepend to notes and use multi-step actions to log activities to Evernote.

We hope these guides will help you get more out of both Drafts and Evernote!

Drafts 4.0.7

Drafts 4.0.7 is now available on the App Store.


Finding your way around Drafts? Visit the Help Center for screencasts and lots of documentation to get you going!


  • New: Toggle dark theme command key option. Allows a quick keyboard row shortcut to toggle between dark and light themes. To enable, edit keyboard and add “Command” type key, selecting the “Toggle Dark Theme” command, or you can install from the Action Directory.
  • New: Setting is now available to select the maximum number of recent drafts in Today widget, options. If zero is selected, no recent drafts will appear in the Today widget.
  • Fix: Many sync-related changes. Still working on some draft sync cases, but hope to have sync rock solid within the next few releases. If you still have sync issues, please see troubleshooting step in sync documentation and send logs and descriptions of the issues you are seeing.
  • Change: Update default actions and keyboard for new installations.
  • Change: Change some Markdown parameters to support better wrapping with spaces at the end of lines and headers without space after #.
  • Change: Only request “when in use” location permissions for the app.
  • Fix: [[selection]] tag might not return full draft when no selection was present.
  • Fix: Script action step run on empty draft should create the draft it calls “commit” and content has been added to draft.
  • Fix: Move forward by word command key would not reach end of text properly.
  • Fix: Sometimes URL actions that left the app would prevent auto-archiving from working.
  • Fix: Action list could sometimes display with cells scrolled improperly.
  • Fix: Problem selecting and copying text in HTML/Markdown Preview window.
  • Fix: Red squiggly spell checking lines no longer play peekaboo.
  • Change: Dark theme tweaks.
  • Fix: Disable autocapitalization on file name & extension fields in step editing.
  • Fix: Prevent double tap when selecting new action step type from accidentally dismissing editor.
  • Fix: Crash exporting drafts for certain data sets.

Review and ratings are always appreciated! Feedback and issues to To keep up with tips and news, follow @draftsapp on Twitter and Facebook. We always appreciate you taking the time to review or rate Drafts on the App Store!

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Drafts 4.0.6

Drafts 4.0.6 is now available on the App Store.


  • All the great new stuff from Drafts v4.0.5.
  • New: Today widget. Now back with the addition of recent drafts summary. Thanks to the help of some fine folks inside Apple for sorting this out.
  • New: “New from selection” option in document creation options (tap and hold “+”).
  • Fix: Hack to fix display issue in drafts list after showing a draft detail.
  • New: URL action steps now have “URL encode tag output” option. This allows for the creation of URL output directly from a line in a draft, for example.
  • Change: More improvements to background refresh and sync handling.

Feedback and issues to To keep up with tips and news, follow @draftsapp on Twitter/Facebook. We always appreciate you taking the time to review or rate Drafts on the App Store!

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Drafts 4.0.5

Drafts 4.0.5 is now available on the App Store. A minor version number, but some pretty cool new things come along with the bug fixes.

Don’t forget to visit the help center for an ever growing list of articles and documentation.

Today Widget (Gone, but not forgotten)

UPDATE: The Today widget is back in Drafts 4.0.6 and above!

As some of you may have heard from various outlets, this update was rejected by Apple over concerns about the way Drafts’ Today widget provided links which opened the app. I have hopes that Apple will reconsider its position on the functionality of the Drafts widget, and I will be resubmitting an updated version of the Today widget soon in hopes of getting it back in the app, but in order to be able to ship this update, I have removed the Today widget.

Sync Improvements

There are a significant number of improvements to sync in this version. Issues with iCloud on 8.1 sidetracked work on sync, and some of the workarounds shipped actually made things worse. iCloud seems to have stabilized for most users (but not all) on iOS 8.1.2.

In this update, sync is quicker, more robust and better handles merge conflicts and temporary connectivity issues in this version. Version histories are also more frequent. Background refresh is more efficient.

I expect some edge cases remain and please get in touch with details when you see issues. I am actively working on hammering out any bugs so that sync is rock solid moving forward.

iCloud Drive Action Steps

This update adds support for iCloud Drive with a new iCloud Drive action step. Create, replace, append and prepend to iCloud Drive files, with similar configuration options as the existing Dropbox action steps. iCloud Drive action steps have the additional benefit of being able to work offline and automatically sync in the background without having to launch Drafts. You can read the full documentation on iCloud Drive actions steps, or get started by installing these sample actions:

Print Action Step & HTML Preview Printing

Printing has returned to Drafts in two forms. First, the HTML Preview action step now has a print button at the bottom of the preview window. This allows for easy quick print of Markdown or other previews.

Second, a fully configurable Print action step is now available. This step will print as plain text, Markdown or fully customizable HTML to AirPrint printers. Read the docs for more details, or start with one of these ready to install examples:

Google Doc Conversion

Google Drive actions steps can now save as Google Docs. In addition to the existing options to create, append and prepend to plain text files on Google Drive, steps which create files can be configured to convert the uploaded file to the Google Doc format for editing and sharing in the Google Docs web interface. The output of the action step can also run through Markdown conversion or generate custom HTML for conversion to create rich text formatting the resulting Google Doc.

For details read the Google Drive action step documentation, or start with these sample actions:

Evernote Action Step Improvements

The initial release of Drafts 4 added a lot of flexibility to Evernote action steps for advanced users by allowing the generation of raw ENML (the X-HTML like markup Evernote uses to format notes). This is a great feature, but in the process it became much more complicated to create simple actions, especially for Markdown conversion to Evernote. This update fixes that by simplifying the options. There is now a “Markdown” template output format option configuring Evernote steps. Selecting this option tells Drafts to run the output of the template through the Markdown conversion for you, without requiring the cumbersome %% %% markup in the template.

Details in the Evernote action step documentation, or install sample Markdown to Evernote actions from the directory:

Additional Changes

  • New: Duplicate action option (next to edit button when swiping right on an action). Makes it easy to make a copy of an existing action to make a few changes or test new ideas.
  • New: Added “Hide extended keyboard” setting to disable the keyboard row for the space conscious.
  • New: Add “Print” button to HTML Preview, this allows quick printing of previews. A more powerful and customizable Print action step is planned soon.
  • New: Added some additional action icon choices. More coming.
  • Fix: Trim whitespace in Evernote step notebook, note and tag strings to prevent bad names starting with spaces.
  • Fix: Improvements to handling of text scrolling/insets with external keyboards.
  • Fix: Select contact button could get hidden if long values were entered in recipient fields when editing action steps.
  • Fix: [[selection]] tag should default to full content when called in /runAction URL.
  • Fix: Better handle presentation of some action steps requiring user inteface (such as Open in) when those actions were called via URL scheme on the iPad.
  • Fix: Template processor could misinterpret % sign and break markdown processing wrapped in %% %%.
  • Fix: In Dropbox action steps, do not add “.” at the end of the filename if no file extension is defined.
  • Change: Added warning if Twitter step generates a tweet longer than the 140 character limit.
  • Fix: Arrow keys on extended keyboard should force scrolling when cursor leaves visible area.

Feedback and issues to To keep up with tips and news, follow @draftsapp on Twitter/Facebook. We always appreciate you taking the time to review or rate Drafts on the App Store!

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iOS 8.1.1 Available

Apple has released iOS 8.1.1. This update fixed a number of issues, but most notably the iCloud hanging issue which has been affecting sync for many Drafts 4 users running iOS 8.1.

I have been testing Drafts 4 extensively on the iOS 8.1.1 beta release and can confirm that the issue is resolved in this iOS update. If you have been seeing random hangs (both in Drafts and other apps), sync failing to update other devices quickly, or seen a “iCloud not Available” message in Drafts’ Settings > iCloud screen, you want this update.

I highly recommend you backup your device and upgrade as soon as possible to better reliability with all apps (including Apple’s own) which use iCloud.

Apple’s iOS update instructions →

I very much appreciate the frustration this issue has been causing for many Drafts customers and I thank you for your patience.

Also, be on the lookout for Drafts 4.0.5, which should make it through Apple’s review process in the next few days. The update fixes a number of remaining issues, as well as add new iCloud Drive actions, the ability to save to Google Drive in Google Doc format, a quick way to duplicate actions and lots of other improvements!

Drafts 4.0.4

Drafts 4.0.4 is now available on the App Store.

About iCloud and Sync

If you have been experiencing trouble with sync in Drafts 4, it is likely due to an iCloud issue in iOS 8.1 which is effecting a significant number of iCloud accounts. I have written about this issue on my personal blog. If you are affected by this issue, you are likely also seeing random hangs in other apps that use iCloud. For the most part, Drafts 4.0.3 works around this issue hanging the app (not completely, but in most cases), but when it occurs sync cannot happen and is temporarily disabled. If you are not seeing data sync and go to Settings > iCloud in Drafts 4, you may be told iCloud is not available even though you are signed into iCloud on the device.

Apple is aware of this issue, and is working on a fix which will hopefully ship in an iOS 8.1.1 release soon. Until then, this 4.0.4 release improves the workaround somewhat and is more agressive about trying to re-establish an iCloud connection, but still cannot avoid it completely for those seeing the problem.

Other updates and fixes

  • Fix: Force trailing slash (/) on Dropbox path to prevent erroneous creation of new files on some append/prepend actions. If you were seeing Dropbox action steps create new files when you expected them to append/prepend, this will prevent it.
  • Fix: Background email body could get clipped and sent empty.
  • Fix: Fix for cases where a draft change was not marked for sync. This was the cause of issues where deletion/archiving of a draft might not sync to other devices.
  • Fix: Certain action steps could cause a hang when they were not the first step in a multi-step action. If you created multi-step actions, particularly with Dropbox steps which were not the first step in the action, you may have seen this issue.
  • Change: Some improvements and additions to built in Markdown style sheets, including blockquote styles for the Swiss style.
  • Fix: Open button VoiceOver label in Today widget.
  • Fix: Settings > Export Actions not properly generating export file for all actions.
  • Fix: URLs which fired an action could fire callbacks before the completion of the action. If you were trying to fire actions like a foreground email from other apps and Drafts was not waiting on completion – here’s the fix.
  • Change: /create URL should enter editing and not create a blank draft if no text is passed. This fix mostly makes the “+” button in the Today widget more useful.
  • Fix: Misc. small crashers.

Feedback and issues to To keep up with tips and news, follow @draftsapp on Twitter/Facebook. We always appreciate you taking the time to review or rate Drafts on the App Store!

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Drafts 4.0.3

Drafts 4.0.3 is now available on the App Store. Thanks very much for your patience with launch issues. Most major (and minor) issues discovered in the initial 4.0.1 release, including a workaround for an iOS issue in 8.1, have been included in this build. The issues that have not been addressed, will be soon.

  • Migration Fix: If you received an “Import Failed” error migrating drafts from Drafts 3, please try again with this update. Issue is resolved for all sample data sets I’ve been able to test.
  • Fix: Workaround for hang on launch on iOS 8.1 related to iCloud system hang. More details about the crash. Understand that this is a workaround, not a fix. Drafts should no longer hang and/or crash when it encounters this bug. iCloud may still randomly be reported as unavailable, however, and cause sync to pause. This will not cause data loss, and sync can resume when the system again reports iCloud as available.
  • Fix: Significant sync improvements across the board.
  • New: Sync debug logging and ability to email logs to support. If you continue to see sync issues, please contact us. We have now built in a logging facility to better troubleshoot specific sync cases and will walk you through how to enable and use it.
  • New: Redesign of Today widget. Now takes up less space and adds “Open” button to return to app without forcing creation of a new draft.
  • Change: Request full Dropbox privileges. Requesting “File type” only privileges seemed like a good idea but caused problems for users using non-standard file extensions, and caused issues locating files for append/prepend acitons in some cases – resulting in the erroneous creation of new files.
  • Change: Relocate “All” button in action list to far right.
  • Fix: Draft sort order did not persist across app restarts properly.
  • Change: Improve performance of recursive callback URLs within the app.
  • Fix: Deleting an action did not trigger a save of actions as it should, causing deleted actions to reappear if no other action changes were made and effecting action sync.
  • Fix: Displaying and hiding notification center while in Drafts would trigger “new draft” creation.
  • Fix: “After Success” defaults did not get applied properly in some circumstances.
  • Fix: Google Drive action step specifying a parent folder did not identify parent properly in some cases.
  • Fix: “Pinned” label in Drafts Export should be “Flagged”.
  • Fix: “1 min” setting not sticky for “Create new drafts after” setting.
  • Fix: Crash reordering keys and properly refresh edit view if new key is imported.
  • Fix: Crash with invalid action import data.
  • Fix: Handle background email with empty body without generating error. If you saw errors with background emails in the prior release, these were likely due to this problem and the app now behaves as Drafts 3 did for empty bodies in emails.
  • Fix: Refresh current draft content in editor properly if it “commit(draft);” is called in a script step.
  • Change: Update Evernote SDK to roll in a few of their bug fixes.
  • Fix: Added a few missing VoiceOver labels.
  • Fix: Much more reliable tapping for delete/edit buttons in draft and actions lists.
  • Fix: Timing issue determining network availability when running action via URL if the app was not already running. If you were launching Drafts actions from Launch Center Pro or other automation app and saw a “Network not available” message, this fixes that issue.
  • Fix: allowEmpty=NO parameter on URL was showing warning, but not stopping execution.
  • Fix: Do not add text params to x-success callbacks for /append, /prepend.
  • Fix: Restore button in version detail not working properly on iPad.
  • Fix: [[time]] tag with format option did not expand properly.
  • Fix: Force reset of theme exiting link mode to prevent links from dissappearing in dark mode.
  • Change: Tone down saturation of tint color in dark theme.
  • New: Improved support for right-to-left languages in editor.
  • Change: Some startup speed improvements.
  • Fix: Lots of other little fixes and improvements.

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