The 3.x version of Drafts was discontinued and removed from the App Store approximately 4 years ago in the Fall of 2014. Although many feature have broken in this version as services and the OS under it have changed, we have made efforts to keep the basic software working for those who were happy using it - including updating it to support the 64 bit requirements of iOS 11 last year. Due to the low volume of users remaining, Simperium has continued to allow the sync services for the app to operate for no cost.

Simperium, however, is changing its plans and it will no longer be viable to continue the sync services underlying Drafts 3. As of Sept 30, 2018, sync services for Drafts 3 will be permanently shutdown and all data removed from the service.

If you are still using Drafts 3, sync services will stop working. We recommended signing out of the sync service in Settings to prevent it from continuing to attempt to connect to a service that no longer exists. Local data will remain on the device and the app will continue to function locally…but nothing will sync to other devices or be backed up to the cloud.

Thank you for using Drafts. If you are still using the older version, we hope you’ll take a look at what newer versions of Drafts have to offer. The app has come a long way, and most basic features of Drafts 5 can be used free of charge, so please do give it a try!

If you wish to migrate data from Draft 3 to a newer version, please follow the migration instructions.