The Drafts 4.8.3 update is now available on the App Store.

  • Change: Dark theme when running on iPhone X is now really dark.
  • Fix: Attempts to address a timing issue where some actions on existing drafts on Watch could get lost.
  • Change: Update third party libraries, including Crashlytics, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, etc.
  • Fix: Possible fix for a several of crashers.
  • Change: Tweaks to layout creation timing to try to fix occasional crasher.
  • Change: Darken initial startup screen.
  • Change: Make notification banners full width on phones.
  • Fix: “Hide extended keyboard” setting was not clearing background properly.
  • Change: Theme status bar area same as background.
  • Fix: Case where tweets longer than 140 characters were blocked.
  • Change: Build with iOS 11.2 / Xcode 9.2.

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