Interact 1.3.1 is now available on the App Store. This update has a great new individual messaging feature and is ready for iPhone X!

Individual Messaging

Interact’s mail and message sending features have always been a great way to shared something to an individual or group. One of our most requested features, however, has been a way to send individual messages, rather than one message to a whole group.

There are some limitations to the way this can work with iMessages and Mail on iOS. It is not possible to make one request which will send as individual emails or messages - but this new update works around that by making a series of requests. As an example, if you are in Safari, Photos, wherever, and use a share sheet to send information to Interact - then select three contacts to share it with, then use the individual messages button, the iMessages window will pop open three times, once for each selected contact. You will have to tap the send button to complete each message - but the resulting messages are sent as individual messages to each person - not as one group conversation.

This is pretty handy if you want to quickly share with multiple contacts. It’s much quicker than re-using the share sheet multiple times, while still keeping easy share separate.

Other Updates

  • Fix: Contact permissions could get requested too soon on a new install on iOS 11.
  • Fix: Add camera permission description to avoid crasher taking photo.
  • Change: Updates to support the latest devices.
  • Change: Increase frequency of index rebuilds to pick up changes outside the app quicker.
  • Change: If Scratchpad gets company name, but no personal name, mark contact as organization.

Scratchpad on the Mac!

In case you missed it, Interact Scratchpad is now available for the Mac! It’s never been easier to create contacts! Get it now on the Mac App Store, or read about the details

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