Terminology 4.1.2 is now available on the App Store. We had a few more things to finish up, but this is now a full fledged iOS 11 app, and ready for the new iPhone X!

  • New: Drag and Drop support on iOS 11. Note that dragging between apps is only supported on iPad (Apple limitation). Video preview below.
    • Drag full text definitions and related word lists out of Terminology for use anywhere that supports receiving plain text.
    • Drop text into Terminology to lookup the term. Great for dragging terms from websites and reading apps into Terminology in the split view!
  • New: PRO users can now select an alternate dark mode app icon in Settings.
  • New: New app icon.

Drag and Drop in Action

Terminology for OS X Dictionary

For those who missed it, we recently released a free version of Terminology for the OS X Dictionary app.

Keeping up with Terminology

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