The Drafts 4.8 update is now available on the App Store. Another update will follow in the next few weeks with complete support for the upcoming iPhone X.

iOS 11 Ready

Drafts has been updated all around with minor tweaks and changes for better support of iOS 11. iOS 10 is still supported as well, no need to immediately update if that’s not your thing!

Twitter and Facebook Changes

Apple removed iOS level support for Twitter and Facebook in iOS 11. Drafts used these features to support Twitter, Facebook and Social action steps. Due to this change, the following changes have been made in Drafts:

  • Twitter actions no longer utilize the removed iOS interfaces, but connect directly to Twitter. Your Twitter account can be linked in Drafts Settings > Configure Accounts, or you will be prompted to login to Twitter the first time you use a Twitter action in the new version.
  • Posting to Facebook directly is no longer supported. If you have the Facebook app installed, the “Share” action can be used to post to Facebook with the Facebook app share extension.
  • Only one Twitter account is supported at this time.
  • “Social” action steps which use deprecated social features no longer function on iOS 11.

Other Changes

  • Change: Built for iOS 11 with a variety of compatibility improvements/fixes.
  • Change: Drafts now requires iOS 10.3 or greater.

Keep Up with Drafts!

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