The Drafts 4.7.5 update is now available on the App Store. Details:

Dropbox Changes

Drafts has been updated to use the Dropbox 2.0 API in preparation for Dropbox discontinuing its 1.0 API in June. All Dropbox actions should continue to function without modification, but due to this change Dropbox users will need to re-link your Dropbox account in Settings > Configure Accounts after installing this update.

Apple Watch Updates

  • Change: Apple Watch app now requires watchOS 3 or greater.
  • Change: Watch advanced capture button now visible without scrolling for easier scribble access.

Other Changes

  • Fix: Running a script action which committed content changes on a previous blank draft would not update the draft in the editor.
  • Fix: Rework handling of sync conflicts to minimize redundant dialogs in some cases. Should improve some cases for users with the “Create new draft after” setting set to “Never”.
  • Fix: Rare crasher with Watch connectivity (on iPhone)
  • Fix: Crash trying to backup keys if no key customizations exist.
  • Fix: Crash trying to backup actions if no action customizations exist.
  • Fix: Fix several VoiceOver labels in action editing screens.

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