Terminology 4.0.2 is now available on the App Store. If you have not already read about all the great new changes in 4.0, read the upgrade post.

This is a quick bug fix release for issues discovered in the first couple of days on the store:

  • New: Add support for {{ }} URL encoding in action templates.
  • Fix: A couple of issue with initial setup of default actions in a new installation. If you had trouble reordering actions or edits appearing incorrectly, these should be resolved.
  • Change: Disable auto-caps and auto-correct editing URL template in actions.
  • Fix: Outgoing URL encoding was failing to properly escape [[term_url]] tag.
  • Fix: Tint color changes to buttons sometimes did not take effect when auto-switching to dark mode.
  • Fix: Tap on unknown term summary cell could trigger first action in bottom list accidentally.
  • Fix: Fix for case where migration of old data could result in duplicate actions.
  • Fix: Restore actions to default (in Settings) did not properly save the changes.
  • Fix: URLs should ignore extraneous path elements. Fixes lookup from the Instapaper app.
  • Change: Improve handling of extraneous text passed to the share extension by host apps.
  • Fix: Add error alert if unable to load a valid U.S. English speech voice for pronunciation. If you are having trouble with pronunciations, please check iOS Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech and confirm a U.S. English speech voice is configured.

Terminology for OS X Dictionary

For those who missed it, we recently released a free version of Terminology for the OS X Dictionary app.

Keeping up with Terminology

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