Terminology has been temporarily removed from sale in the App Store. Why? Because a big new update is coming in January, 2017. We have been working on this update for a while and among the big changes is the fact that Terminology will become a free app and, although we had lowered the price to $0.99 some time back, we do not want to surprise recent purchasers.

We hope you will check back in January for the release! We’re excited about modernizing Terminology and making it the best reference app on iOS. Terminology still has the same great offline dictionary and semantic reference it always has, but adds some of the great features:

  • Complete rewrite with all fast, reliable CloudKit-based sync of favorites, histories and actions.
  • Share extension lets you lookup and research any selectable text on iOS.
  • Dark mode with auto-theme switching.
  • Audio pronunciations.
  • Add notes to any term.
  • Today widget and 3D Touch support.
  • More flexible action system can load web resources in-app or via Safari, as well as connecting to other apps.

Stay tuned to @terminologyapp or watch here for details as we get ready for the release!