Interact 1.2 is now available on the App Store.

iOS 10 is now required to run Interact

There are lots of improvements in iOS 10 that directly affect improvements to Interact, and fix problems in the Contacts framework the app relies on, so we are moving aggressively to require support for iOS 10 in the update.


  • Today widget for quicker access to recent contact groups, the Scratchpad and search.
  • Backup your contact list on-demand, or enable scheduled backups to iCloud Drive. Accessible in Interact settings > Backup. Enable the scheduled backup feature to automaticslly save a weekly backup of all contacts to iCloud Drive. See documentation for complete details.
  • “name:” tag in Scratchpad based on new PersonNameComponentsFormatter class in iOS 10. If the Scratchpad fails to identify a complete name, this is probably easier, quicker and than forcing the separate first/last/etc. tags. It will identify given, family, middle names as well as prefixes (Mr., Dr., etc.) and suffixes (Jr., II, etc.)
  • “groups:” tag in Scratchpad. Takes comma delimited list of group names. If contact is successfully created or modified, it will be added to the listed groups. If necessary, the groups will be created. e.g., “groups: Family, Favorites” in the Scratchpad will assign the new contact to those groups, or create them if they do not exist.
  • Spotlight index all contacts, not just groups.
  • Show member count in Spotlight indexed groups.
  • Spotlight continuation support.
  • Better access to help resources via settings.
  • New onboarding experience.
  • CMD-F external keyboard command for search.


  • Fixes for using the pagination controls in VoiceOver mode.
  • Improve dynamic text sizing for contact list.
  • Improve context history display and fix head sizing bug.
  • Lots of misc. performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

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