The Drafts 4.7.2 update is now available on the App Store, addressing a few minor issues.

NOTE: We are actively working on tracking down a weird issue where the on-screen keyboard comes up blank when you return to Drafts in certain cases. I believe we’ve mitigated the issue somewhat in this release, but do not yet have a complete fix/workaround.

  • Fix: Change to attempt to mitigate an issue where the keyboard can appear blank when launch Drafts on iOS 10. Still working on a permanent workaround/fix, but these changes help minimize the issue.
  • Change: Dictation now opens with the last selected locale/language used in dictation pre-selected.
  • Fix: Today widget display issues with some dynamic text settings.
  • Fix: Do not double encode return parameter from /dictate URL (bug in last build).
  • Fix: x-success on /dictate URL might not get proper outgoing params.
  • Fix: Make sure Facebook basic permissions request does not happen unless Facebook action is used.
  • Fix: Crash happening for some users with “Create new after” set to “Never”.

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