Terminology 3.3.4 is now available on the App Store.

  • New: Previous/Next word buttons to browse through history in top left. These are in addition to the the “x” remove word button.
  • New: Remove word from history button now requires confirmation and has been moved to top right.
  • Change: Visual tweaks to user interface icons.
  • Change: Update “about” information at bottom of settings.
  • Change: Word search, favorites and history lists maintain separate search query text, so when changing between the tabs the last query for each list is restored.
  • Change: Do not update history time for entry if it’s already in the history list.
  • Change: Periodically rebuild Spotlight index.
  • Fix: Dropbox linking would not open Dropbox app for authentication.

Terminology for OS X Dictionary

For those who missed it, we recently released a free version of Terminology for the OS X Dictionary app.

Keeping up with Terminology

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