Interact 1.1 is now available on the App Store. We’ve been listening to your feedback, so keep it coming. We’re working to continue to improve Interact and make it the must have app for Contacts on the iPhone and iPad!

All the details of the update are below, but first a few announcements…

New Screencast: Using the Contact Scratchpad

One of Interact’s most powerful and useful feature doesn’t even require you to launch the app. Learn how the Contact Scratchpad action extension can make it easy to create rich, complete contact records!

New Screencast: How to Backup Contact Information

Interact can easily be used to create backup files for some or all of your contacts. Learn how in this screencast!

What’s New in Interact 1.1

  • New: If a contact is created through Scratchpad while a group is selected, offer to add that contact to the current group on completion.
  • New: Add “Last Photo Taken” option when adding attachments to the Context.
  • New: Added phone number actions for Skype audio and video calls if Skype app installed under the “…” actions view.
  • New: Added Airmail email action for individual emails under the “…” actions view.
  • New: Search improvements. Results based on name matches now appear at top.
  • New: “Add members to group” option changed to be an Add/Remove Members screen, so current members of the group are highlighted in the contact selection view.
  • New: The “…” button in group list, and when group is select now offers additional options, including the ability to Add/Remove Members directly without selecting the group.

Other Improvements

  • Fix: Lots of performance and reliability fixes in Interact’s indexing process.
  • Change: Rename action extension to “Contact Scratchpad” to be more consistent with app.
  • Fix: Search activity calls (from URL or 3D Touch) should default search scope to “All”.
  • Fix: “Add All” operations with large contact lists were inefficient.
  • Fix: VoiceOver label for contact history.
  • Fix: Issue where wrong contact would appear in list after a deletion if the All or Unassigned groups were loaded.
  • Change: When tapping (X) on contact, if “Delete contact” will be the only option, skip straight to delete confirmation avoiding extra step.
  • Fix: Possible appearance of duplicates from conflicting indexing requests.
  • Fix: If search bar visible, changing group did not update filter options properly.
  • Change: Extend search field size.
  • New: Better image caching for contact thumbnails to reduce flicker when loading contact list.
  • Change: The “…” button on group list and on current group now behave the same.
  • Change: Add contacts to group button changed, now works as Add/Remove Members for the group.
  • Change: Edit group now “Rename Group”.
  • Fix: Better handling of changes to default contact account.
  • Fix: Improve fault detection and index rebuild triggers to help workaround some more cases with new contacts and Google-backed accounts.
  • Fix: “Add to Existing Group” operation should work for non-default accounts as long as they support groups.
  • Fix: 3D Touch Search action would not working properly if app was not already running in background.
  • Fix: Address several crashers in the index build process.
  • Fix: Using “Group Memberships” to alter memberships for contact while “Unassigned” group selected would mess up group list until reloaded.
  • Fix: Add and create group operations should clear selected contacts if successful.
  • Fix: User friendly message if deletion of contact fails.

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