Agile Tortoise’s first game, Diced is now available on the App Store. Only $0.99! We hope you’ll give it a try!


What is Diced?

Diced is a simple puzzle game. Place dice on a grid to make five of a kind or five in a row (straight) combinations to score points and clear the die. Score as many points as you can before the grid fills up and the game ends. Some game play features:

  • Quick launch and game restore. Easy to leave and come back where you left off.
  • Wild die.
  • Bombs.
  • Random blocks to add difficulty as the game progresses.
  • Game Center support with leaderboards and achievements.

It’s a casual game meant to fill those little down time moments with your iPhone (or iPad), without falling into the pattern of so many games on the App Store these days, with well-behaved app features like:

  • No ads.
  • No in-app purchases, micro-payments, fake currency, or hats to buy.
  • No ratings nags, push notifications, or other annoyances.
  • Universal for iPhone and iPad.
  • Dark theme for night time play.
  • Support for iPad multitasking and split view. Because, well, I don’t know. Just because. I can talk and chew gum at the same time.
  • Small download size.

Spread the word

If you try Diced and like it, we hope you’ll spread the word to friends, family, acquaintances, enemies and strangers – as I have no plans to market the game actively. It was fun to make, and I think it’s fun to play and hope you do, too.

I have ideas for making the game better, other game modes, etc. If it gets enough interest, I’ll add those over time.

If any press types are reading this, there is a minimal Press Kit available and feel free to request promo codes at

We thought you made productivity apps?

Diced started as a downtime project for my own benefit, but I was getting a lot of positive feedback on the game from people who saw it and I decided to polish it up enough to release in the time before WWDC in June, when I’ll suddenly have lots of other work to do. Don’t worry, this doesn’t signal a change of focus away from productivity for Agile Tortoise.

Diced isn’t actually my first game. In fact, this is a bit of a throwback for me, because the first piece of software I offered for direct sale was a shareware dice game for the Mac back in the late 90s. What goes around, comes around…or something.