Starting today, we are excited to begin rolling out a new screencast series covering Drafts. Created by David Sparks (aka MacSparky), these screencasts will help new and existing users get more out of the Drafts – with introductions to many of Drafts features, how to customize the app, and how to setup and use Drafts actions to integrate with a variety of services and apps.

We’re kicking off the series with two screencasts, an Overview of Drafts and an introduction to using Drafts with Dropbox – both embedded below. We’ll be releasing additional screencasts, more or less once a week in the coming months – covering topics from configuring Drafts settings to integrating with social media, messaging, calendars, reminders and more.




Follow the Whole Series

This series of screencasts will be rolled out over the next couple of months, roughly one video per week. Pick your favorite way to keep up with the latest. All will be posted to both Vimeo and YouTube, and announced here on the blog.