Interact 1.0.4 is now available on the App Store. We’ve been listening to your feedback, so keep it coming. This release continues to smooth out some of the rough edges Interact has run into it production, and adds some great new features that make context/communication more useful. Hope you like it!

What’s New

  • New: Context history and pinning. Interact now saves recent contexts, and lets you pin contexts you want to reuse. This allows you to restore a set of recipients, attachments and text to reuse multiple times, or to build on a single context started in the Share extension, etc. The context history is accessed via a clock icon to the right side of the context. From here you can replace the current context with the content of a previous context, or add the content to the current context, effectively merging the two.
  • New: “To/CC/BCC” button in selected contacts view to set all selected contacts to different email recipient type.
  • New: In group list, “…” operations now include “Select Members” options that select as “CC” or “BCC” recipient types. This allows you to add all members of a group to the current context with any recipient type without selecting the group.
  • New: Scratchpad has a new multiline note tag syntax. Example:
Multiline line notes,
will all be included between the delineators.

Changes and Fixes:

  • Fix: Remove reload flicker in contact list after indexing completion.
  • Fix: Clearing contacts in context should reset CC/BCC recipient list.
  • Change: Indexing performance improvements. Down about 50% for my test data sets.
  • Change: Frequency of index updates increased to keep data more current.
  • Fix: Better identification Facebook connect account container
  • Fix: Do not create “Unassigned” group for Facebook connect container.
  • Change: Tighten up contact sizes in list to allow display of more contacts.
  • Change: Performance improvements and caching in contact list.

Keep Up with Interact!

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