Drafts 4.6.1 is now available on the App Store.

  • Change: Hide keyboard button is now visible over keyboard even if hide extended keyboard is visible and it has a new icon.
  • Change: Improvements for landscape editing, especially on smaller devices. This included auto-hiding toolbar and status bar in landscape on iPhone 5/5s/SE screen sizes.
  • Change: Disable meta tag generation in MultiMarkdown processor. Meta tag generation treated “:” in the first lines of the text as a meta tag and could cause unexpected errors outputting, especially to Evernote.
  • Fix: “Run Action” on multiple drafts selected in draft list should clear selection.
  • Fix: Avoid issue where cursor appears mid-screen before typing on a cold start of the app.
  • Fix: On first launch after install, “Inbox” should be selected in drafts list pane, not “All”.
  • Fix: On first launch after install, “Basic” action group should be selected in action pane, not “All”.
  • Fix: Mention iCloud Drive requirement in iCloud settings error.
  • Fix: Rare crash in sync process.
  • Fix: Workaround for “white keys on dark keyboard” issue in a few more places.
  • Fix: Swiping through draft list tabs should include new Trash tab.
  • Change: Tighten up the line height a little.

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