Interact 1.0.3 is now available on the App Store.

  • New: “Unassigned” groups. Special query groups created for each account which list only contact not currently assigned to any groups. These groups appear at the end of each account’s group list for accounts which support groups.
  • New: Account symbols for better account/contact identification. These symbols appear next to account sections in group list and in the top right of contacts in the contact list to help identify the source account for the contact. The default account has no symbol. Symbols will appear as shape characters like: ◉ ■ ◆ ▲.
  • New: Added Waze to address mapping actions.
  • Fix: Allow editing of individual contact’s Group Memberships even if they are not in the default account, as long as the account they are in supports groups.
  • Change: Tighten up sizes on UI elements.
  • Fix: Work on indexing priority and threading to improve responsiveness.
  • Fix: Do not show “Default” section header in group list if only one contact account is active on the device.
  • Fix: Workaround a couple of crashing bugs.
  • Fix: Tint color issues in share and action extensions.
  • Fix: Long names could cause overflow of “…” action screen.
  • Fix: “All-*” group selections would not stick as current group after a restart of the app.
  • Fix: “Remove from Group” should not appear in operations when viewing “All-” and “Unassigned-” groups.”
  • Change: Added more common company identifiers to Scratchpad.
  • Fix: Multi-character emoji in Scratchpad values could cause value to get clipped improperly.

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