We are really excited that Don McAllister has done an in-depth introduction screencast about Interact on his ScreenCastsOnline service.

This screencast covers a lot of territory, include managing groups, capturing contacts from text and sending messages with Interact.

The screencast is part of the ScreenCastsOnline, so only a preview is available online to non-subscribers, but Don has made the full length screencast available for a limited time as a free preview in the ScreenCastsOnline app. Download the ScreenCastsOnline app on the App Store (free) and you can access the full length video (no signup required)!

Check out a few of Don’s other great screencasts while you are there, he does a great job introducing a broad range of topics for people who want to get more out their technology!

Get the free ScreenCastsOnline app now and check it out!