Interact 1.0.2 is now available on the App Store.

This update focused on resolving issues managing groups with Google-backed contact accounts. These issues most commonly presented themselves with newly created groups, where the group name would go blank and become invalid until Interact’s indexes updated. I believe these issues have been successfully worked around in this update and should not appear again.

Now, full details…


  • New: Enabled Scratchpad identification of company names. Mostly limited to clear cut lines that end in an corporate identifier like “LLP”, “Inc.”, etc. Should handle most company names in a simple address format.
  • New: “…” operations on groups in group list now had “Select Members” operation to add all group member to active context without selecting group.
  • New: (i) detail button in contact actions screen to go directly to contact detail.
  • New: Ability to set recipient types in selected contact list in context. Used only in email. When viewing the selected contacts popover, tap the “To” to cycle between “To”, “CC” and “BCC” recipient types.

Changes & Fixes

  • Fix: Numerous improvements to keep data fresher in Interact and avoid certain peculiar issues with Google-backed contact accounts (such as blank group names).
  • Change: Numerous improvements to contact search.
  • Change: Labeling improvements in group edit view.
  • Fix: Issue which could case Interact to seem to stall on certain operations, leaving the interface responsive, but not finish any searches/updating.
  • Fix: “Add Contacts to Group” button should not be active when viewing an “All-…” group.
  • Fix: Do not repeat company name if it is being used as the primary name in list.

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