3D Touch actions

Drafts 4.5.4 is now available on the App Store. This update contains all the great new iOS 9 update features, and…

  • New: 3D Touch quick actions for creating drafts and navigating to inbox. If you have an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, try the 3D Touch press on the app icon. Initial actions available are:
    • New draft: Create new draft. Depending on how you use Drafts, this can be very handy. If you have the “Create new draft when returning after” setting set to “Never” or a longer timeout, this still forces a new draft.
    • New from clipboard: Creates new draft based on the contents of the iOS clipboard.
    • Inbox: Opens the app directly to the inbox.
  • New: Support for external keyboard shortcut key overlay. Hold down command key on external keyboard to get overlay displaying shortcut keys configured. If you use an external keyboard and have not configured custom keyboard shortcuts, take a look at this screencast to get started.
  • Fix: An action with a script that changed the draft content, and a URL step after, could result in changes not being saved.

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