Terminology 3.3 is now available on the App Store.

  • Change: Requires iOS 9. This version is still sync-compatible with previous versions on iOS 8, however, if you do not update all devices at the same time.
  • New: iPad Multitasking/Split View support. If your iPad supports split view, it’s a great way to use Terminology as a sidebar to lookup terms. You can’t use the system dictionary this way!
  • New: Safari View Controller support. All web actions now open in iOS 9’s new Safari View Controller for direct integration with Safari saved passwords, content blockers and other advantages.
  • Change: Other misc. fixes and user interface updates, including support for the new San Francisco system font on iOS 9.

Terminology for OS X Dictionary

For those who missed it, we recently released a free version of Terminology for the OS X Dictionary app.

Keeping up with Terminology

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