Drafts 4.5.3 is now available on the App Store. This update contains all the great new iOS 9 update features, and…

watchOS 2.0 app

With the release of watchOS 2.0, Drafts introduces a new, native Apple Watch. Native performance is great, the app can work disconnected from an iPhone. watchOS 2.0 no longer goes to sleep while dictating in third party apps, which was a really annoying hinderance to using Drafts watch app for capture.

The feature set of the new Watch app is similar to the previous version, allow capture of new drafts, browsing the inbox and appending/prepending/archiving/deleting inbox drafts. I built a Glance for the app which provided quick access to capture, but the Glance was rejected by Apple as an inappropriate use. Some may remember I had some similar issues with Drafts’ Today widget last year, and, frankly, I don’t have the energy to argue with Apple about this at the moment so I have removed the Glance. I will revisit adding a Glance, and possibly a Complication, to the Watch app later this Fall.

When using the new Watch app, changes that have not been completely applied on the iPhone will appear in orange. These updates usually happen very quickly if the iPhone is connected to the Watch, but can sometimes take a bit.

Also, first time the Watch app is launched after install it may not have current data. This is a known issue and will be fixed in an update soon. Just launch Drafts on the iPhone at least once after installing the Watch app and it will catchup.

Watch app

Other Changes

  • Fix: Sync could be very slow, or seem to stall, in certain cases.
  • Fix: Share extension capture could result in duplicate draft.
  • Fix: Setting the iPad Shortcut Bar setting on a custom key to “None” would not be properly saved.
  • Fix: If “System” font was selected in appearance settings, a checkmark was not displayed indicating the selection.
  • Fix: x-callback-url callback URLs might not fire properly.
  • Change: Softened look of dark theme slightly.
  • Change: Email and message action steps display should not display full screen on iPad.

About Google+ Support

Google can be a bit slow updating their iOS SDKs. I had an issue getting Drafts through Apple’s system with the old version of the Google+ SDK and disabled Google+ action steps to prevent holding up the app for iOS 9. If you are a Google+ user who posts from Drafts, be aware that the Google+ app has a Share extension and can be used with Drafts’ Share action. I will revisit enabling the Google+ action step soon. If you use Google+ and would like to see the action step return, please get in touch. I’m interested in hearing how much need there is for this step.

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