With the impending release of iOS 9 and watchOS 2.0 this Fall, I wanted to share plans for Agile Tortoise’s apps in the coming months. These are, of course, “plans”, but I expect reality to at least be similar to the following…


Drafts 4.5 will be submitted to Apple for review around the time they start accepting submissions for iOS 9 apps. Highlights of this release include:

  • Free update for owners of Drafts 4.
  • Update requires iOS 9, but remains fully compatible with the existing iOS 8 version of Drafts. If you do not upgrade all your devices at the same time, you will be able to sync between versions of Drafts on iOS 8 and iOS 9.
  • This update will ship with a new, rebuilt Apple Watch app for watchOS 2.0. Funtionality of the app is similar to the existing Watch app, but it now runs natively on the Watch for better performance and handling of situations where your iPhone is not connected to the Watch. Also, thankfully, watchOS 2.0 does not seem to go to sleep and cancel dictation in third party apps.
  • Multitasking support on iPad. Drafts works great with the new multitasking split views on iPad.
  • Spotlight support. iOS 9 offers new search integration and Drafts will index all inbox drafts for easy searching.
  • iPad Shortcut Bar integration. Drafts custom keys can be assigned to the left or right side of the new iPad Shortcut Bar.


Terminology 3.3 will also be submitted around the time Apple starts accepting iOS 9 apps for review. This update has a couple of key highlights:

  • Free update for owners of Terminology 3.
  • Update requires iOS 9, but is also compatible with previous versions of Terminology running on iOS 8 to ease the upgrade process.
  • Multitasking support on iPad. Works great in the split view on iPads which support iOS 9 multitasking and is super handy to quickly lookup words in the sidebar.
  • Safari View Controller support. All actions which display web content will now open in iOS 9’s new Safari View Controller rather than a custom in-app browser to take advantage of the all the great features Safari integration offers – like shared logins, content blockers, etc.


Tally has no known issues on iOS 9. An update to support iPad multitasking and watchOS 2.0 is likely to come later this Fall.


Phraseology also has no known issues operating on iOS 9, but no plans for updates beyond bug fixes are planned at this time.