Drafts 4.2 is now available on the App Store.

Apple Watch App

The big new addition to Drafts in this update is an Apple Watch app. Drafts has always been about quickly capturing text. If the Apple Watch allows that without taking your phone out of your pocket, it was natural that Drafts be there. The features of the initial version of Drafts for Apple Watch are:

  • Quickly capture new drafts with dictation.
  • Browse and view drafts in your inbox. This is great for reference quick notes, like a grocery list.
  • Archive/Delete drafts from the inbox.
  • Prepend/Append text to inbox drafts with dictation.

Here’s a quick preview of the app in action. Dictation cannot be performed on the Apple Watch simulator, so you’ll have to take our word for it that it works nicely.

We will, of course, be testing this more once we have Watches and looking for feedback on improvements.

Other Stuff

  • New: Swipe gestures in bottom/top areas of actions and drafts pane to switch tabs within the panes. This is a convenience feature, but it particularly handy to move between action groups, or the inbox/archive, without having to reach to the top of the screen on larger phones.
  • Change: Remove “All” option for “Expand TextExpander snippets in actions” setting. This setting has long been a support issue because it was not well understood and could cause unexpected expansions of snippets in actions templates if shortcuts in the TextExpander library were not well delimited. The fenced option remains, and can still be used to intentionally include TextExpander shortcuts to be evaluated at the time an action is run by wrapping the shortcuts in «» delimiters. This setting has no effect on “as you type” TextExpander support.
  • Fix: Typo in groups selection dialog on action import.
  • Fix: Update “from” address help text in email step configuration.
  • Fix: Exit link mode if a new drafts is selected.
  • Fix: Rework some syntax highlighting code to avoid disabling post-dictation correction suggestions.
  • Fix: Possible crash importing an action with an invalid tintColor parameter.
  • Fix: If action groups were edited while editing an individual action, the tabs would not refresh until actions were hidden.

Review and ratings are always appreciated! Feedback and issues to info@agiletortoise.com. To keep up with tips and news, follow @draftsapp on Twitter and Facebook. We always appreciate you taking the time to review or rate Drafts on the App Store!