Drafts 4.1.2 is now available on the App Store.

Workflow Integration

Drafts 4.1.2 has added a new “Run Workflow” action step to provide integration with Workflow app from Desk Connect. This step makes it easy to fire an workflow in Workflow app with a single tap. The action step can be configured with the name of a workflow, has a template to construct the text sent to the workflow and optional flag for whether to return to Drafts after execution. Under the hood, Drafts is constructing x-callback-url URLs to trigger the workflow, but this makes it much easier for the novice user than constructing them yourself in Open URL action steps.

As an added bonus, the latest update of Workflow has added an option, when viewing settings on a workflow, to “Add to Drafts”, which will open Drafts and automatically create an action, setup with a “Run Workflow” action step, ready to go. This feature will be rolling out over the course of the next couple of days, so if you do not see it immediately in Workflow, try again later. For more details, read the Run Workflow action step documentation.

Other Stuff

  • New: When importing an action, ask to assign it to an action group, up to the first six action groups defined.
  • Fix: Fix ordering of command options in command key configuration.
  • Fix: Pinch zoom on HTML Preview could show through to view behind.
  • Fix: Modifications to background sync to squash a relatively harmless but annoying crash log and make background refresh more reliable.
  • Change: Add more UTIs to document type registry to try to make iOS more likely to show Drafts in “Open in” dialogs.
  • Misc. minor fixes and tweaks.

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