UPDATE: Drafts 4.2 with Apple Watch support has been submitted to Apple, and will include great features for capture with dictation, browsing your inbox and more!

Drafts on Apple Watch

Drafts has always been about quickly capturing text. Get those ideas, notes, whatever, out of your head and into your inbox before you forget them. The Watch presents an opportunity to extend that capture capability to your wrist, and we’re excited to preview what we’re working on.

It’s too early to tell what other functions make sense for Drafts on the Watch, but Drafts will be there early with a quick capture app with the following features:

  • See inbox status.
  • Browse recent inbox drafts. Great for referencing a quick grocery list or the like.
  • Capture text by dictation.

This preview video may not reflect the final shipping version, but we wanted to give you an idea of what’s coming! The Watch app for Drafts will be a free update for Drafts 4 customers.

P.S.: Tally our quick counting app will be ready for Watch, too! See the Tally Apple Watch Preview.