Drafts 4.1.1 is now available on the App Store. This probably should have been 4.2…lots of good new bits.


  • New: Path action step. New action step type to post to the Path social network. Read help center documenation or install sample Path actions from the directory:
  • New: Prompt action step to create a dialog with buttons and optional text input. Prompt step allows configuration of title, message, buttons and optional text input. Values get injected as template tags, which can be used in steps later in the action, or in scripts. Prompt steps can be used to prompt for user confirmation, to get input such as a filename to export to, etc. A couple of example actions are available in the directory:
  • New: Multiple Markdown processor options. The previous Markdown processor (Hoedown) has been removed and replaced with three Markdown processor options, which are selectable Settings. See help site for details on the differences. These Markdown processors are the same as used in Marked on the Mac for compatibility.
    • MultiMarkdown: The default, uses the standard MultiMarkdown library from Fletcher Penney.
    • Discount: Basic standard unflavored Markdown.
    • Github Flavored: Uses Discount + Github Flavored extensions.
  • New: /markdown URL scheme to convert text to Markdown using any of Drafts’ Markdown processors. This can be used to pass text through Drafts’ Markdown processors in Workflows. See URL documentation and details.
  • New: Support for Markdown ordered list (1. 2. etc.) completion.
  • New: Support for syntax highlighting Markdown reference links.
  • New: “cancelAction()” javascript method cancels execution via script without throwing an error message like “stopAction()” does.
  • New: encodeHTMLEntities(text), decodeHTMLEntities(text) script methods (keys and action steps) which, well, encode and decode HTML entities in a string (e.g. “&” becomes “&”)
  • New: draft.getTag(tagName) method in action script steps to access tag values previous defined (e.g. by a prompt step).
  • New: Hide keyboard button when extended keyboard is disabled.


  • Change: Improve action delete alert.


  • Fix: VoiceOver support for new multi-select features in draft list and edit mode in action list.
  • Fix: “Create new draft after” setting of “Never” could fail to bring up last draft if it was newly created.
  • Fix: Reduce sync batch sizes to avoid creating too large a batch.
  • Fix: Squashed a timing issue in sync that typically appeared as a draft archiving/deletion not syncing to another device.
  • Fix: Drafts and actions list sidebars could flash as full-screen momentarily when hiding full screen view (like a Markdown preview, or detail).
  • Fix: When action list is in edit mode, tap should not fire action.
  • Fix: Crash with invalid query strings on incoming URL.

The rest…

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