Drafts 4.0.7 is now available on the App Store.


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  • New: Toggle dark theme command key option. Allows a quick keyboard row shortcut to toggle between dark and light themes. To enable, edit keyboard and add “Command” type key, selecting the “Toggle Dark Theme” command, or you can install from the Action Directory.
  • New: Setting is now available to select the maximum number of recent drafts in Today widget, options. If zero is selected, no recent drafts will appear in the Today widget.
  • Fix: Many sync-related changes. Still working on some draft sync cases, but hope to have sync rock solid within the next few releases. If you still have sync issues, please see troubleshooting step in sync documentation and send logs and descriptions of the issues you are seeing.
  • Change: Update default actions and keyboard for new installations.
  • Change: Change some Markdown parameters to support better wrapping with spaces at the end of lines and headers without space after #.
  • Change: Only request “when in use” location permissions for the app.
  • Fix: [[selection]] tag might not return full draft when no selection was present.
  • Fix: Script action step run on empty draft should create the draft it calls “commit” and content has been added to draft.
  • Fix: Move forward by word command key would not reach end of text properly.
  • Fix: Sometimes URL actions that left the app would prevent auto-archiving from working.
  • Fix: Action list could sometimes display with cells scrolled improperly.
  • Fix: Problem selecting and copying text in HTML/Markdown Preview window.
  • Fix: Red squiggly spell checking lines no longer play peekaboo.
  • Change: Dark theme tweaks.
  • Fix: Disable autocapitalization on file name & extension fields in step editing.
  • Fix: Prevent double tap when selecting new action step type from accidentally dismissing editor.
  • Fix: Crash exporting drafts for certain data sets.

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