Drafts 4.0.5 is now available on the App Store. A minor version number, but some pretty cool new things come along with the bug fixes.

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Today Widget (Gone, but not forgotten)

UPDATE: The Today widget is back in Drafts 4.0.6 and above!

As some of you may have heard from various outlets, this update was rejected by Apple over concerns about the way Drafts’ Today widget provided links which opened the app. I have hopes that Apple will reconsider its position on the functionality of the Drafts widget, and I will be resubmitting an updated version of the Today widget soon in hopes of getting it back in the app, but in order to be able to ship this update, I have removed the Today widget.

Sync Improvements

There are a significant number of improvements to sync in this version. Issues with iCloud on 8.1 sidetracked work on sync, and some of the workarounds shipped actually made things worse. iCloud seems to have stabilized for most users (but not all) on iOS 8.1.2.

In this update, sync is quicker, more robust and better handles merge conflicts and temporary connectivity issues in this version. Version histories are also more frequent. Background refresh is more efficient.

I expect some edge cases remain and please get in touch with details when you see issues. I am actively working on hammering out any bugs so that sync is rock solid moving forward.

iCloud Drive Action Steps

This update adds support for iCloud Drive with a new iCloud Drive action step. Create, replace, append and prepend to iCloud Drive files, with similar configuration options as the existing Dropbox action steps. iCloud Drive action steps have the additional benefit of being able to work offline and automatically sync in the background without having to launch Drafts. You can read the full documentation on iCloud Drive actions steps, or get started by installing these sample actions:

Printing has returned to Drafts in two forms. First, the HTML Preview action step now has a print button at the bottom of the preview window. This allows for easy quick print of Markdown or other previews.

Second, a fully configurable Print action step is now available. This step will print as plain text, Markdown or fully customizable HTML to AirPrint printers. Read the docs for more details, or start with one of these ready to install examples:

Google Doc Conversion

Google Drive actions steps can now save as Google Docs. In addition to the existing options to create, append and prepend to plain text files on Google Drive, steps which create files can be configured to convert the uploaded file to the Google Doc format for editing and sharing in the Google Docs web interface. The output of the action step can also run through Markdown conversion or generate custom HTML for conversion to create rich text formatting the resulting Google Doc.

For details read the Google Drive action step documentation, or start with these sample actions:

Evernote Action Step Improvements

The initial release of Drafts 4 added a lot of flexibility to Evernote action steps for advanced users by allowing the generation of raw ENML (the X-HTML like markup Evernote uses to format notes). This is a great feature, but in the process it became much more complicated to create simple actions, especially for Markdown conversion to Evernote. This update fixes that by simplifying the options. There is now a “Markdown” template output format option configuring Evernote steps. Selecting this option tells Drafts to run the output of the template through the Markdown conversion for you, without requiring the cumbersome %% %% markup in the template.

Details in the Evernote action step documentation, or install sample Markdown to Evernote actions from the directory:

Additional Changes

  • New: Duplicate action option (next to edit button when swiping right on an action). Makes it easy to make a copy of an existing action to make a few changes or test new ideas.
  • New: Added “Hide extended keyboard” setting to disable the keyboard row for the space conscious.
  • New: Add “Print” button to HTML Preview, this allows quick printing of previews. A more powerful and customizable Print action step is planned soon.
  • New: Added some additional action icon choices. More coming.
  • Fix: Trim whitespace in Evernote step notebook, note and tag strings to prevent bad names starting with spaces.
  • Fix: Improvements to handling of text scrolling/insets with external keyboards.
  • Fix: Select contact button could get hidden if long values were entered in recipient fields when editing action steps.
  • Fix: [[selection]] tag should default to full content when called in /runAction URL.
  • Fix: Better handle presentation of some action steps requiring user inteface (such as Open in) when those actions were called via URL scheme on the iPad.
  • Fix: Template processor could misinterpret % sign and break markdown processing wrapped in %% %%.
  • Fix: In Dropbox action steps, do not add “.” at the end of the filename if no file extension is defined.
  • Change: Added warning if Twitter step generates a tweet longer than the 140 character limit.
  • Fix: Arrow keys on extended keyboard should force scrolling when cursor leaves visible area.

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