Drafts 4.0.4 is now available on the App Store.

About iCloud and Sync

If you have been experiencing trouble with sync in Drafts 4, it is likely due to an iCloud issue in iOS 8.1 which is effecting a significant number of iCloud accounts. I have written about this issue on my personal blog. If you are affected by this issue, you are likely also seeing random hangs in other apps that use iCloud. For the most part, Drafts 4.0.3 works around this issue hanging the app (not completely, but in most cases), but when it occurs sync cannot happen and is temporarily disabled. If you are not seeing data sync and go to Settings > iCloud in Drafts 4, you may be told iCloud is not available even though you are signed into iCloud on the device.

Apple is aware of this issue, and is working on a fix which will hopefully ship in an iOS 8.1.1 release soon. Until then, this 4.0.4 release improves the workaround somewhat and is more agressive about trying to re-establish an iCloud connection, but still cannot avoid it completely for those seeing the problem.

Other updates and fixes

  • Fix: Force trailing slash (/) on Dropbox path to prevent erroneous creation of new files on some append/prepend actions. If you were seeing Dropbox action steps create new files when you expected them to append/prepend, this will prevent it.
  • Fix: Background email body could get clipped and sent empty.
  • Fix: Fix for cases where a draft change was not marked for sync. This was the cause of issues where deletion/archiving of a draft might not sync to other devices.
  • Fix: Certain action steps could cause a hang when they were not the first step in a multi-step action. If you created multi-step actions, particularly with Dropbox steps which were not the first step in the action, you may have seen this issue.
  • Change: Some improvements and additions to built in Markdown style sheets, including blockquote styles for the Swiss style.
  • Fix: Open button VoiceOver label in Today widget.
  • Fix: Settings > Export Actions not properly generating export file for all actions.
  • Fix: URLs which fired an action could fire callbacks before the completion of the action. If you were trying to fire actions like a foreground email from other apps and Drafts was not waiting on completion – here’s the fix.
  • Change: /create URL should enter editing and not create a blank draft if no text is passed. This fix mostly makes the β€œ+” button in the Today widget more useful.
  • Fix: Misc. small crashers.

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