I wanted to give an update on the status of Drafts 4 one week after launch. The feedback to the new version has been overwhelming. It is especially fun to see all the cool new user-generated actions and keyboard extensions appearing in the Action Directory.

On the down side, a number of issues have come to light that were missed during the beta cycle. The majority of those issues have been addressed in beta builds of Drafts 4. Most were addressed in a 4.0.2 build that was submitted last week and was waiting on review at Apple.

A significant new issue arrived with the release of iOS 8.1, however. For those interested in the technical details, you can read the bug report, long story short, if you are running Drafts (or other apps that use iCloud) on iOS 8.1, the app may randomly seem to hang and crash โ€“ often on launch. This may be tied to specific accounts, as not everyone has seen the issue, but it is widespread. The bug is not specific to Drafts 4, but certainly affects it.

I have been working hard this week to address this issue and believe I have been able to workaround it until Apple can address the system-level issue. I have pulled the 4.0.2 release that was in review and resubmitted a new 4.0.3 release that includes this workaround. I have requested Apple expedite the review of this update, but do not know if and when it will be processed, so please be patient.

I have posted a full changelog of the fixes coming in 4.0.3 for those interested. If you are having a specific issue you donโ€™t see addressed here, be sure you open a ticket with as much detail as possible.

Thanks again for your support and patience with the roughs spots. I am commited to making sure Drafts is one of the most stable and reliable apps on the platform, and I think you will find the rough patches will be smoothed quickly.