There have been a few issues discovered in the initial public version of Drafts 4. I appreciate your patience with the glitches and wanted to communicate about a few of the issues effecting the largest number of people.

“Import Failed” Error Migrating Drafts

Although migration was tested with dozens of accounts and thousands of drafts, there was a reasonably common scenario with missing data in existing Drafts 3 installations that was not caught during the beta cycle and causes the import to fail with, well, an “Import Failed” error message.

Thanks to those who send sample export files. The issue has been identified and resolved for Drafts 4.0.2, which has been submitted to Apple for review and should appear in the store soon.

Be aware that the migration process will only import new drafts, and it is safe to use Drafts 4 creating new drafts and complete the migration process from Drafts 3 after this bug fix release is out.

Post to Facebook

UPDATE: Facebook has approved and posting to Facebook will work now. There is one remaining small issue. I tried really had to avoid asking anyone for Facebook permissions if they were not actively using the Facebook action. A little too hard, because Facebook errors if you try to ask for basic permissions at the same time as publishing permissions. I changed the handling of this for v4.0.2, but until that is out, edit the “Post to Facebook” action, and tap down to the “Facebook” step once. This will force the request for basic permissions. After accepting that, posting will work.

The implementation of Facebook actions in Drafts 4 does actually work – but Facebook is not currently issuing posting permissions for the app because the Drafts app has not yet been approved for posting by Facebook’s internal review team.

Facebook does not currently provide a good way to ask for this approval before the app was available in the App Store. I submitted the request for review as soon as Drafts was available, but Facebook has not approved it yet (they state it can take up to seven days). The Post to Facebook action should start working as soon as this approval comes through. I have not been able to determine a way to request the review be expedited at Facebook – if any one has any ideas, please get in touch.

Twitter action

If you give Drafts permission to post to Twitter, and have only one Twitter account configured in iOS Settings, the default Twitter action will work without additional configuration. If you have more than one Twitter account configured, Drafts can’t guess which to use. This means you will have to edit the Twitter action (swipe right in the action list, tap edit, and go into the steps > Twitter) and select which account to use. You can create additional actions with Twitter steps, as well, if you wish to be able to post to multiple accounts (Heck, you can put multiple Twitter steps in one action now for cross-posting, too!)

If you are receiving posting errors after doing this, check that your Twitter credentials at the iOS level are valid by tweeting from a system share sheet, or by logging out and back into Twitter in iOS Settings. These tokens sometimes get expired, or are not valid after a restore to a new device (like a fancy new iPhone 6) and need to be refreshed.

Action Sync & Deletion

There is a bug effecting the triggering the saving of actions after an action is deleted. If no other changes are made to actions to actions other than deletions, they are not saved properly…and also not sync’d properly.

This is also fixed for Drafts 4.0.2, but in the meantime, if you delete actions, make a trivial edit (change the name, etc.) to another draft will force the save to occur.


As stated 4.0.2 has been submitted to Apple and resolves the mentioned issues and about a dozen other smaller ones. We are catching up on support tickets, and apologize for letting these issues slip through. I very much look forward to a world where more than 100 devices can be in the iOS beta cycle. :-)