Drafts and Drafts for iPad 3.6 are now available, some great new stuff in the release!

Google Drive Actions

Create an unlimited number of custom Google Drive actions. Similar to Drafts’ existing Dropbox and Evernote actions, you can now create/replace/append/prepend to text files on your Google Drive!

A built-in “Save to Google Drive” action will simply write to a Drafts folder in your Google Drive with a timestamp file name. Visit Settings > Custom Actions > Google Drive Actions to create customized actions. Read the docs for more details, or try these example from the Action Directory as starting points:

A couple of notes:

  • Google Drive actions work only with text files, not documents or spreadsheets. We are looking into support for additional file types, but these require separate APIs and access for handling structured documents.
  • Google Drive actions can currently write only to text files in the root of your Google Drive, or to folders directly in the root folder. There are technical reasons for this, as Google Drive’s API would require a significant number of additional HTTP requests to build the location of nested folders.

Background App Refresh Support

Drafts sync now supports background refresh, to keep you current between the iPhone and iPad versions.

Auto-Backup of Actions

A new “Enable Auto-Backup” option is available in Settings > Action Backup and Restore. If enabled, Drafts will backup your actions and settings automatically every couple of days. This is a good safeguard to enable, especially if you alter your actions regularly.

New Clipboard Actions

“Append to Clipboard” and “Prepend to Clipboard” actions. These are potentially handy in a number of workflows, but also useful for, say, merging several drafts by appending them to the clipboard, then creating a new draft from the clipboard.


  • Issue that could result in losing a synced change if you were already editing the draft when an updated version arrived.
  • Fix for issue with Terminology and Phraseology menu items not working on selected text in the first line of a draft.
  • Other misc. fixes and improvements.

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