Drafts and Drafts for iPad 3.5.93 are now available:

  • Change: Re-evaluated a lot of code around editing to resolve several oddities with scrolling and a jumpy cursor. Things should be quite a bit smoother now, particularly editing longer drafts. Please let us know if you still see issues.
  • Change: URL editing in URL actions is now in a larger text view, instead of a single line, which should ease editing of longer actions.
  • New: Additional external keyboard commands. Drafts now supports the following keyboard shortcuts when using and external bluetooth keyboard:
    • Cmd-N: New draft.
    • Cmd-B: Markdown bold (adds ** or wraps selection with selection if text is selected).
    • Cmd-I: Markdown emphasis (adds * or wraps selection with selection if text is selected).
    • Cmd-H: Markdown header. Adds # at beginning of current line. Use more than once for subheads.
    • Cmd-L: Markdown link. Adds if no text is selected, or selection if selection is present.
  • Fix for orientation issues on iPad.
  • Fix for “copy” [[selection]] button in tag help not working.
  • Improvements to markdown auto-list completion.
  • Misc. bugs.

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