Have three minor updates released today…

Drafts and Drafts for iPad 3.5.92

  • New: Auto-list completion for Markdown lists. If you start a line with “- “ or “* “ to create a Markdown list, hitting return will prefix the next line of the list automatically. Hit return a second time on an empty list item to end the list.
  • /create URL scheme now supports a special “   clipboard   ” tag within the text parameter, which will substitute the contents of the clipboard at the time the “create” URL is opened. This can be used in an x-success callback URL to allow capture of a clipboard value that changed before returning to Drafts. Note the pipe characters, not brackets. This tag is not evaluated other time, only on /create URLs when processed by Drafts. Full URL scheme documenation.
  • Fix for overlapped status bar in upside-down orientations on the iPad.

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Phraseology 2.0.1

If you missed all the great new features in Phraseology 2.0, please read about that update first. This is a quick fix for a few issues:

  • Increases frequency of auto-saves to avoid data loss.
  • Performance improvements, particularly with longer documents. Effects typing, but also imports, pasting and other operations.
  • Fix for an odd hang typing certain phrases.

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Tally 1.3.2

  • /increment & /decrement URL schemes now append “title” and “value” parameters to x-success callback. “value” will be the current value of the tally after the increment/decrement is performed. Full URL scheme documentation.
  • Fix for delay firing URL scheme callbacks.

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