Phraseology 2.0 is now available on the App Store. If you are new to Phraseology, learn more about it’s full feature set on the app page. Phraseology 2.0 is a free update for existing customers.

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General Update Information

The key goal of this update to was to bring Phraseology up to date with iOS 7, including a few additions to take advantage of some of the new possibilities iOS 7 offerred. As I worked on the update, however, I found a many other areas where I felt Phraseology could be improved/expanded. In particular, I am excited about opening up some of Phraseology’s unique features for use as services from other apps (details below).

Document Manager Improvements

Phraseology retains its lightweight approach to document management and organization. You can create an unlimited number of documents, which can reside in your main document list, or be archived. The document browser has been extended and now supports full text search of documents and adds the ability to sort your document list by created, modified, accessed date or title.

iCloud and Dropbox Versions

Documents can now be synced/backed up to iCloud. This is enabled by default if you are signed into iCloud. Even if you only use Phraseology on a single iPad, this is recommended for backup purposes.

If you have a Dropbox account, you can also link it to Phraseology in settings and Phraseology will maintain a version history on your documents as you edit. Past versions can be restored via the versions button (clock icon in top right).

Phraseology is not a “Dropbox editor” – there are many good apps that focus on editing in traditional files and folders. If you are looking for an editor focused on direct editing of files in Dropbox, I recommend Editorial – which can be integrated with Phraseology easily.


Phraseology’s unique Arrange view allows drag and drop re-ordering of paragraphs and sentences in your text. The view is largely the same as in previous versions of Phraseology, with a few updates:

  • The Arrange view now utilizes the entire iPad screen.
  • Arrange can be triggered for the entire document (via arrange button in toolbar), but can now also be triggered to arrange a text selection by selecting text in your document and using the “Ph:Arrange” menu item.
  • Arrange is now available as a service to be integrated into other apps using URL schemes. Support is automatic in our own Drafts for iPad, and can also be used from Editorial by installing our example workflows.

Part of Speech Syntax Highlighting

Phraseology’s Inspect view has always allowed browsing the parts of speech in your text, but Phraseology can now do colorized syntax highlighting of parts of speech as you type. You can individually enable highlighting for nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, determiners, propositions and conjunctions. Highlighting (like Inspect) supports only English language texts at this time – due to the fact that the libraries which support the feature in iOS only offer English. (Details)


Phraseology’s Inspect view still offers all the same great statistical and readability scoring information and word usage data about your text is always has – plus:

  • The Inspect view now utilizes the entire iPad screen.
  • Inspect can be triggerred for the entire document (via Inspect button in toolbar) or only for text selections using the “Ph:Inspect” in the text selection menu.
  • Inspect is now available as a service to be integrated into other apps using URL schemes. Support is automatic for Drafts for iPad, and can be added to any app that allows creation of custom URL-based actions – such as Editorial and Mr. Reader.

URL Schemes and Automation Support

Phraseology now has a full suite of x-callback-url URL schemes. As mentioned above, the Arrange and Inspect features can now be triggerred via URL schemes and used without ever creating a document in Phraseology. There are also now a full set up URL actions to create and open documents, as well as append or prepend to documents contents – all with callback support.


  • TextExpander SDK has been updated to support the latest versions of TextExpander Touch.
  • Phraseology now requires iOS 7.
  • Lots of other things I can’t think of at the moment.

I’m sure there will be a few rough spots with the initial updates, please keep up with news by following @phraseologyapp on Twitter, Facebook or Hope you enjoy the app!

Be sure you read the documentation on the support pages for more detailed coverage of some of Phraseology’s features as well.

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