Drafts and Drafts for iPad 3.5.6 are now available in the App Store.

  • Fix: If you saw issues with text dissappearing behind the keyboard in longer notes on the iPad, this is now resolved. Also several scrolling issues with caused “jumpiness” when orientation changes were detected.
  • Fix: Issue with certain strings (such as “to”) in note titles causing Evernote append/prepend actions to create new notes.
  • New: Introduction of a few basic external keyboard commands, cmd-N (new draft), cmd-B (markdown bold), cmd-I (markdown emphasis). This is still somewhat experimental, but useful if you use Drafts with an external keyboard often. Note that these commands ONLY work if Drafts is editing text.

A Note About TextExpander Touch Support

If you are a user of TextExpander Touch, you may be aware that changes Apple made in iOS 7 forced TextExpander to change the way it integrates with 3rd party apps. The changes used Reminders to store TextExpander’s snippet data.

Apple has taken issue with this approach, and forced Smile Software to alter the way TextExpander works again. Please read their posting regarding the issue if you interested in the technical details. Drafts is commited to TextExpander Touch support, and will be updating soon to work with the changes coming to TextExpander, but expect that there may be a week or two while the updates are tested and submitted to Apple where things are a bit rocky with the integration. Thanks for your patience.

To attempt to be clear, this release still works with the current release of TextExpander…but there will likely be an update to TextExpander in the coming days that may break support in Drafts until a new release of Drafts is available.

Get Drafts and Drafts for iPad at the App Store.