Drafts and Drafts for iPad 3.5.5 are now available in the App Store.


  • New: Swipe left/right in action list to change active action pane.
  • Change: Update Google+ SDK to support in-app posting.
  • Fix: A number of general improvements to text selection and editing.
  • Fix: Improve handling of Right-to-Left languages.
  • Change: A bit more “springiness” to the UI.
  • Change: Updates to the Simperium Sync engine.
  • Change: Disable old Fantastical action which only worked with Fantastical 1, Fantastical 2 action available in Action Directory.
  • Fix: improve “Share” action icon for alternate themes
  • Fix: Fix issue importing “Replace” type Dropbox Actions.

Known Issues

  • Still looking into a couple of rough spots in VoiceOver support, specifically the ability to move drafts between inbox/archive/pinned tabs.

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