Drafts and Drafts for iPad 3.5.3 are now available in the App Store.


  • New: “Replace” Dropbox Action type. Similar to the existing “Create” type, but will replace the contents of a file, rather than uploading a new one, if the file already exists in Dropbox. This is potentially for a number of scenarios – for example keeping a pinned draft that you can push out to the same file in Dropbox. Learn more
  • Fix: External keyboard up/down cursor keys now working again. The fact that they did not work was due to a bug in iOS 7, which appears to have been fixed in the 7.0.3 release of iOS, but this fix will also allow it to work on versions 7.0.1 & 7.0.2.
  • New: Option to hide or show status bar now available on iPad version.
  • New “allowEmpty=[YES/NO]” parameter for incoming URLs which specify actions. Somewhat obscure feature for use with recursive actions which call Drafts’ own URL schemes.
  • Fix for append/prepend to Evernote note with “To” in the title.
  • Fix for swipe from “+” button not cancelling new draft options.
  • A few other minor fixes.

Known Issues

  • Still looking into a couple of rough spots in VoiceOver support, specifically the ability to move drafts between inbox/archive/pinned tabs.

Get Drafts and Drafts for iPad at the App Store.