While a release date has not been announced, iOS 7 will soon be here and with it the most significant changes to the over all look and feel of iOS since its original release with the first iPhone. These changes bring challenges and opportunities for iOS developers and I have spent a good amount of time trying to make sound decisions in preparations for this update that will best serve my existing customers, my potential future customers and the viability of my business.

While I called this a “State of the Union”, I’m not going to promise everything to everyone. I try to be realistic about what I can deliver.

Not everyone will be pleased with every one of these decisions, but I hope it useful to know what to expect. So below is a brief rundown of my plans for each of my apps during this transition period. None of this is absolutely set in stone, so try not to wave this post in my face down the road if something changes. Thanks to all my great customers for your support!

Drafts & Drafts for iPad

Updates of Drafts for iOS 7 are currently in beta testing. I hope to release these updates as close to the release of iOS 7 as possible. They will be free updates to anyone who has purchased the apps. These updates will have a refreshed user interface, and some new features – which I’m not going on record with at this time, so don’t ask.

These updates will also run only on iOS 7. Drafts is a forward looking app. As I have prepared it for iOS 7, I have come to the conclusion that limited resources are better spent optimizing and improving then they would be on maintaining support for iOS 6. That said, for those that choose a more guarded approach to iOS upgrades, the updated versions of Drafts will be fully compatible with the versions that are currently in the store for iOS 6. Sync across versions works fine, and backup and restore of action configurations works as well, so there is no need to update both your iPad and iPhone to iOS 7 at the same time to be able to continue to use Drafts.

If you plan to continue to use iOS 6 for some time after the release of iOS 7, it might be a good idea to keep a backup of the currently shipping binary version of Drafts and Drafts for iPad so that you could reload them on a device should the need arise. You can do this by downloading the app in iTunes on a Mac or PC.


An all new version of Terminology is being prepared for iOS 7. Terminology was originally written for iPad and released in June of 2010. While I think the app has aged resonably well, the code base was dated and prevented me from easily updating and adding new features. It is time to start fresh. The existing versions of Terminology for iPad and iPhone have been removed from the App Store.

Terminology 3 is in beta testing and will ship as a new iOS 7 only, Universal (iPhone and iPad) app soon after the iOS 7 release. The app maintains the core that Terminology has always had, and strives to be the best tool to simply browse and explore the English language. I hope the new version will also make it a go-to reference and research tool for many with it’s fully customizable actions, iCloud sync of favorite words and histories and more. More information will be forthcoming as a final version gets ready to ship. If you want to keep up with the latest news, follow @terminologyapp on Twitter, Facebook, or App.net.


I love this app and have great ideas for improvements to it, but those improvements will take time. Phraseology has been tested on iOS 7, and I have not found any issues with the existing version and iOS 7. I plan to release a free update for iOS 7 which maintains iOS 6 compability sometime this Fall. I will announce more details as timeframes become clearer.


A free update to Tally for iOS 6 & 7 will be released around the time of the iOS 7 release. As this is a very simple app, little work is needed to prepare it for the update.