Editorial is a very cool new text editor for the iPad, with some unique and powerful workflow and integration features. It also plays well with Drafts, and the two apps can complement each other nicely. I thought I would post a few examples of how to both utilize Drafts’ actions from Editorial, and also how to use workflow commands you create in Editorial from Drafts. If you want to read more about Editorial, Federico Viticci’s got you covered.

Calling an Editorial Workflow from Drafts

I have created example Drafts action and Editorial workflow that sends the text of your current draft to Editorial, changes it to all upper case, and returns the text to Drafts. To use this action, visit these links on yoor iPad and install these:

The Drafts URL action looks like this…

<pre> editorial://?input=[[draft]] &command={{UPPERCASE}} &x-success={{drafts://x-callback-url/create?text=[[output]]}} </pre>

This could be modified to trigger other Editorial workflows by changing the “UPPERCASE” to match any of your installed workflow names. For further ideas, check out the Editorial URL scheme documentation.

Calling a Drafts action from Editorial

You can also create workflows that start in Editorial and go to Drafts. Here are two example workflows ready to install in Editorial:

  • Drafts: Selected Text: This is an Editorial workflow that creates a new draft in Drafts based on the selected text. If no text is selected, it sends your whole document. This workflow will leave you in Drafts withe new draft ready to act upon.
  • Drafts: List in Reminders: This Editorial workflow, like the first, send your selected text to Drafts. It then triggers Drafts’ “List in Reminders” action, which splits the text and creates a new reminder in Reminders app for each line. The action then returns you to Editorial.

Both of these are intended to be starting points. If you edit the “Drafts: List in Reminder” workflow, you can change the “action=” parameter in the Open URL step to be the name of any valid action in your Drafts action list.

Hope these help get some people started on integration ideas with these two great apps!