Drafts icon

NOTE: Changes to the storage of sync credentials in this version will likely require you to sign in to sync on first launch after this update.

The most immediately noticeable change in this release is a new app icon. I was approached by a large multi-national corporation regarding concerns about the old Drafts “D” icon’s similarities to one of their trade marks. This was likely a somewhat tenuous claim, but I was not interested in pursuing a battle on the matter – and I must say the corporation in question conducted itself in a professional and reasonable matter, which made it much easier to capitulate. At any rate, in the end, I think I like this new icon better. I hope you do as well. Big thanks to Dave Onkels at Dotvita for some quick assistance with the concept.

The other things…

  • Fix - “Delete after success” setting for actions was not working properly on the iPad version in the previous update. Apologies for this regression, it was related to some changes to deletion handling to address sync issues and should work properly now.
  • Fix - Crashes related to some changes in TextExpander initialization in the previous update.
  • New - [[created]] and [[modified]] tags now provide a default format is none is provided.
  • New - Added new line, created and modified tags to tag help screen.
  • Change - Update version of Simperium sync engine.

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