A few new bits and more issues addressed:

  • New - Custom actions now support [[line 1]], [[line 2]], etc. tags to reference specific line numbers. This should be useful to create a few more structured types of custom actions. See tag docs for details.
  • New - Custom actions now support [[created format]], [[modified format]] tags. These work the same as the “date” tag, but return the creation and modification dates for the draft, rather than the current time. See tag docs for details.
  • Change - Startup tweaks to avoid slow starts on certain devices. If you are seeing slow start times, particularly on the iPhone 4, please get in touch. Trying to pin down settings causing this for specific users.
  • Change-iPhone - Drafts can now be edited full screen when using a bluetooth keyboard with the iPhone.
  • Change - Tags now supported in Evernote Action “tags” field.
  • Change - Made some changes to the handling of draft deletion to better support sync.
  • Change - Tweaks to TextExpander initialization to improve startup times.
  • Change - Updates to the TextExpander and Dropbox SDKs. TextExpander update should fix issue with “ignore case” setting not working properly.
  • Fix - Fix for cases where pinned/inbox/archive buttons could display the wrong images when swiping drafts.
  • Fix - A few typos in settings.
  • Change - Only show “App Store” button in action manager for apps not installed on the device.

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